Every month we like to spotlight one particular customer. In this issue of “In the spotlight” VROOAM Lubricants wants to shine a light on our customer Scheepvaartbedrijf Dari.


With a fleet of more than 30 barges Scheepvaartbedrijf Dari is specialized in transportation of dry cargo, containers, liquid chemical-and mineral products. Their purpose is to transport environmentally friendly, goods from the Benelux to Switzerland. By Scheepvaartbedrijf Dari’s fleet they are able to fulfil the transport needs of their clients. With a wide and long experience Scheepvaartbedrijf Dari is a reliable partner for efficient transportation of different products on the various waterways.


VROOAM Lubricants is proud to supply its marine lubricants and maintenance products to the entire fleet of Scheepvaartbedrijf Dari.  An advantage of VROOAM is that every application on a ship which needs to be lubricated or cleaned can be supplied by a dedicated VROOAM product, it’s basically a one-stop shopping for the supply of quality marine lubricants & maintenance products.


VROOAM lubricants provide their fleet with VROOAM Marinetec River M1 LSP EVO 15W-40, a high performance marine engine oil, especially developed and formulated for 4T marine heavy duty diesel engines used for inland shipping. Of course products for the reverse reduction gearboxes Marinetec RR Gearbox 30, hydraulic systems Marinetec Hydraulic Fluid etc  are supplied to all the DARI vessels.


“We are truly happy with the professionalism, service and product power of VROOAM Lubricants. It was very easy to switch to VROOAM marine lubricants, as often engine manufacturers advise their clients not to switch oil brand and oil type, but we didn’t experience any problem by changing to VROOAM Lubricants and we were even able to extend our oil drain intervals.” Says Marco van Weerdenburg, Technical manager of scheepvaartbedrijf Dari.


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